Our Products

Our Products

Variety of Motion Controls

Nippon Pulse Motor Co., Ltd. (NPM) is a global supplier of total motion control products including controllers, drivers and various motors as well as industrial fieldbus and mechatronic systems.

Since its founding in 1952, NPM has supplied high quality products to a wide range of industries as a total motion control provider. NPM has always strived not only to satisfy, but also to impress its customers through the highest Quality, Value, Technology, Responsiveness and Reliability.

Industries to offer

Nippon Pulse Motor contributes to advanced industries which require very high precision and advanced quality.

We provides high precision motion control products, which reply to current requests timely. Our products are highly recognized liquid flow control, medical/ analytical instruments, industrial machines, and semiconductor industries etc, which require high precision. Nippon Pulse Motor offers products to the most advanced areas.

  • Industrial Machine

    Machine tool
    Chip mounter
    Automatic weaving loom
    X-Y stage
    Various automatic machines

  • Semiconductor

    Stepper lithography machine
    Etching equipment
    CMP equipment
    Wafer dicing machine
    Bonding machine
    Probing device

  • Valve
    (Liquid flow control)

    Electric valve actuator
    Automatic valves for buildings and houses
    Air-conditioner refrigerant control valve
    Gas flow adjustment valve for boilers

  • Medical/
    Analytical Instrument

    Infusion pump
    Automatic urinalysis device
    DNA analyzer
    Artificial dialysis device
    Measuring equipment for glasses

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