EtherCAT interface 2-phase unipolar constant current, 4-axis stepping motor driver

・Ethernet fieldbus: "EtherCAT" interface
・Supports the drive profile CiA402, PP mode.  DC synchronization: 250 us or higher
・NPM’s Pulse Control LSI: PCL6046, is integrated as the core for motion controls
・Intelligent current control up to 2.5 A / phase (max.), 1/32 micro-stepping drive,
・Mechanical position count in accordance with encoder inputs
・Excellent cost performance
・Compact size



Device ID 1
Communication protocol EtherCAT
PDO (Process Data Object)
SDO (Service Data Object)
Supporting communication protocol CoE (CANopen application protocol over EtherCAT)
FoE (File Access over EtherCAT)
Control profile CiA402 drive profile
Operation mode PP (Profile Position) mode
HM (Homing Mode)
Synchronization method DC (Distributed Clock) mode: 250 μs or higher / Free Run mode

Motion control

Number of controllable axes Four axes
Motion control core NPM’s Pulse Control LSI, PCL6046 (Reference clock: 24.576 MHz)


Applicable motor 2-phase unipolar stepping motor
Control method Unipolar constant current drive
Excitation method Micro-stepping control (1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and 1/32)
Output current 0.1 A to 2.5 A/ phase (in increments of 0.1 A)
Motor drive current control Intelligent current control
Error detection Overcurrent, overheat and motor power-down
Drive parameter Set by SDO (Service Data Object) communication

I/O signal

Input signal Emergency stop / ± End limits for each axis / Origin / Encoder A, B, Z phases
Output signal Alarm / Comparator for each axis


Supply voltage +12 to +24 V DC ±10 %
(Separated for control power and motor driver power)
Supply current Control power: 0.5 A / Motor driver power: 6 A per 2-axis
Applicable standards RoHS directive 2011/65/EU (including 4 additional substances in 2015/863/EU)
Operating temperature range 0 to 45 °C (no condensation)
Storage temperature range -10 to 60 °C (no condensation)
Firmware FoE (File Access over EtherCAT)  It can be rewritten using  protocol.
External dimensions 170 mm (W) × 120 mm (D) × 30 mm (H)
Cooling method Natural cooling
(Forced cooling is required if the heat sink temperature exceeds
70 °C)


Block configuration

Optional items

Item Name Item No. Model No. Appearance
Connector set 2240-001105 ECD-U4CN
Harness for power supply 2240-001106 ECD-U4CA-PW1
Harness for motor connection 2240-001107 ECD-U4CA-MT1
Harness for I/O signal connection 2240-001108 ECD-U4CA-IO1