Direct-drive type stepping motor: LINEARSTEP dispensing demo


Linear step is a direct-drive type stepping motor that utilizes the structure of a conventional stepping motor.
Rotational motion is converted into linear motion by a shaft with male screw and a rotor with female screw integrated.


  • Easy control of stepping motor. The drive and control method are the same as those of stepping motors.
  • Simple structure: A simple structure in which a female screw is installed in the rotor supported by ball bearings, and the male screw shaft goes back and forth. The number of peripheral parts can be reduced.
  • High efficiency: The use of special sliding screws and rolled ball screws enables high screw efficiency and large thrust force.
  • Abundant lineup: The product lineup includes various motor type/size, screw leads, strokes as well as captive/non-captive types as follows:


  • [PFCL / PFL series: PM type sliding screw type]
    • Motor size: 20 mm / 25 mm / 35 mm diameter
    • Standard stroke: 30 mm / 60 mm (custom-made stroke is also available)
    • Three types of screw leads: 0.48 mm / 0.96 mm / 1.2 mm
    • Coil specifications: Unipolar / Bipolar (various coil resistance specifications are available)
    • Captive type, which does not require anti-rotation mechanism, is available for 25 mm diameter size
  • [PJPL series: HB type sliding screw type / rolled ball screw type]
    • Motor size: 28 mm / 42 mm square
    • Standard stroke (sliding screw type): 40 mm (custom-made stroke is also available)
    • Standard stroke (rolled ball screw type): 40 mm / 80 mm for 28 mm-square motor, 50 mm / 100 mm for 42-square motor
    • Coil specifications (sliding screw type): Unipolar / Bipolar
    • Coil specifications (rolled ball screw type): Bipolar