Shaft Motor: Single-axis slider robot- NPROBO


* Since the motor is moving at high speed, there are some operating noises. Quiet operation is maintained at low speed.

NPROBO is a linear servo actuator capable of high speed, high efficiency and high precision positioning controls.
The principle of movement consists of a shaft with a cylindrical magnet in a stainless steel pipe and a coil part of a black aluminum casing that surrounds the shaft. When current is passed through the coil, a magnetic field is generated to drive linearly.

The coreless type shaft motor is characterized by high speed, constant speed, and excellent response performance without cogging (fine pulsation).


Resolution 1.0μm
Rated force 3 type: 17 N, 80 N and 185 N
Maximum acceleration 3.5G
Maximum speed 3.0m/s
Stroke 100 to 1300 mm(100 mm intervals)