PULSERVO Comparing Closed and Open loop


The closed-loop stepping motor "PULSERVO" is a stepping motor system that eliminates "step-out," which was a weak point of open-loop control, by taking advantage of features of the stepping motor.

This movie introduces a demonstration machine comparing closed and open loop.
Please take a look at the brief explanation of what we can do with closed loop.

Features of PULSERVO

  • Closed loop control
  • Encoder 10000P/R (multiplied by 4) for position detection (*Motor size 20 only, 4000P/R)
  • Speed monitor function
  • Operating current settable
  • Optimal current control
  • Tuning-less
  • Positioning hysteresis is low when loaded
  • Low vibration
  • Smooth rotation with vector control/filtering control
  • High-speed positioning with short stroke
  • Alarm output and protection function
  • Pulse-input type/ Motionnet type (serial communication control system)
  • Superior cost performance
  • Motors with brakes and reduction gears are available (optional)