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Shaft Motor

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Shaft Motor

Can we pile two SCR stages to be a XY table?

Assembling the table is not so difficult. Also we can offer assembled tables for a charge.

When we energize a shaft motor, the forcer(=moving coil) moves greatly on the shaft. Can we remove this movement?

A shaft motor (linear motor) needs to detect the magnetic poles when the power is turned ON. The forcer must move on the shaft so that the auto-detection function, which is built in a motor driver, detects the magnetic poles. (The magnetic pole auto-detection is performed only when the servo is ON for the first time after the motor is energized.) In order to eliminate this movement, it is necessary to mount a hall sensor element on the motor for detection. We can install a hall sensor as an option.

Does NPM offer the drivers for linear servo motors?

Yes, we offer the driver units. Some driver units in our line-up can be mounted directly on the customer-designed boards. Please contact our sales staff or visit NPM website.

When we turn on the power, the motor forcer causes squealing noise like high-frequency. Can we remove the noise?

The noise occurs because the gain adjustment on the driver may not be appropriate. Please try re-adjusting the gain.

Is there a shaft motor that fits inside a tube with the inner diameter of 7 mm?

The minimum size of a forcer in the product line-up is 10 mm square. If you would like a smaller motor, please contact our sales staff or visit NPM website.

Is it possible to control at very low speed ranges like 10 to 20 um/s?

Of course, it is possible. A shaft motor performs extremely stable speed controls especially in low-speed ranges, comparing with other motors.

Can I reduce the shaft diameter?

In order to reduce the shaft diameter, there is a method called multi-forcer-drive (tandem-drive) that connects multiple forcers. Also, in cases where space is allowed, there is a method called parallel-drive. For details, please contact our sales staff.

Can I use a shaft motor for the vertical axis (Z-axis)?

The shaft motor has no holding power for position when it is not energized. So, when used in the vertical direction, the forcer will fall when the power is turned OFF (power failure / emergency stop, etc.). Workarounds such as shock absorbers, spring lifting, counterbalance systems or the like is required. We can provide more info on this. Please contact the NPM sales representvie or request through website.

Is it possible to fix the forcer of a shaft motor and move the shaft instead?

It is possible. However, the following two points need to be considered:
1. Even with the same strokes, moving the shaft will have longer range of movement.
2. The longer the shaft, the larger the load will be.
We will simulate the control conditions based on the shaft length.
Please contact our sales staff or visit NPM website.

What kind of communication methods are available when connecting PLCs and drivers?

There are three methods as follows:
1. Input pulse trains from the PLC motion control unit into the driver.
2. Control by a controller-built-in driver via I/O.
3. Via EtherCAT communication.

Can a shaft motor be used in a clean environment?

Unlike rotary motors, shaft motors themselves do not have dust sources such as bearings or brushes. The key point is how to keep the grease, cables, and cable bears on sliding parts such as in LM guides clean.

What is the status of the corrosion resistance and water resistance?

◆Corrosion resistance: For normal use, the shaft motors do not rust for a long period of time. Howerver, rust may occur in harsh places such as humidity of 90 % or more.
◆Water resistance: It is not guaranteed. If water resitance is required such as IP67, it will be a custom-made product.

Can shaft motors become vaccurm comaptible?

It is difficult to guarantee for vacuum, but it is possible to change the used parts or materials as well as implementing surface treatment to suppress outgassing. It will be supported individually, Please contact our sales staff or visit NPM website.

In terms of heat generation, are shaft motors the same as conventional flat type linear motors?

Since shaft motors efficiently use 360-degree magnetic flux with the structure, the amount of heat generated is suppressed comparing to conventional flat type linear motors.

Can we perform maintenance such as lubrication to a shaft motor?

You cannot perform lubrication to a shaft motor, but to the linear-guide.

It is possible to process the end parts of a shaft?

It is possible. Please contact our sales staff or visit NPM website.

The material of the shaft seems to be stainless steel. Is it equivalent to SUS304?

Yes, the material of the shaft is SUS304.

What are the line resistance, line inductance, and pole pitch of shaft motors.

The parameters of each shaft motor are different and are individually supported. Please contact our sales staff or visit NPM website.

What is the maximum speed of shaft motor model S500Q in mm/S?

It can operate with acceleration of 2.5 G, max speed of 1,000 mm / s , and travel time of 90 ms.