Arcus Servo Motion

TITAN: The First True Edge Analytics Motion Controller

Arcus Servo Motion announces a new generation of Servo 5.0 compatible Servo Motor Controllers called the TAITAN series.
TITAN has many advanced servo control features and sets the foundation for the Servo 5.0 standard.
It supports the special edge analytics and predictive machine learning algorithm called 2nd Sight to meed the challenges facing the emerging Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory market.

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TITAN Ethernet Servo Motor Controller
•  Supports most types of servo motors: Stepper, Brushless Servo, Linear, Shaft, DC, and Voice Coil
•  Supports most commonly used communications: Ethernet, USB, and RS485
•  Comes with many advanced motion control features: Auto Parameter Detection, Auto Tuning, Force/Torque control, and Multi-thread Motion Programming
•  Uses the intuitive and easy-to-use TITAN Software that enables anyone to startup the servo motion system within minutes
•  Meets the new challenges and requirements in the emerging field of Industry 4.0/Industrial IoT with 2ndSight motion edge analytics algorithms and the new Arcus Servo 5.0 standard