Standard type, frame size 56 mm square

Motor frame size 56 mm square
3 stator lengths, 46 mm, 55 mm, 88 mm are available.
The encoder resolution is 10000P/R and 20000P/R.

Please purchase a motor and driver set.


Motor model Unit PSM2-56S-△ PSM2-56M-△ PSM2-56L-△
Rated current / phase A 3.0 3.0 3.0
Holding torque N・m 0.58 0.90 1.35
Rotor inertia  Kg・m2 180×10-7 280×10-7 520×10-7
Weight  g 608 784 1230
Stator length mm 46 55 80

△ of motor model indicates the resolution,  A: 10000P/R and B: 20000P/R.

External dimensions/ Torque


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Torque characteristic (Common)

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