◆ Features:
・EtherCAT type
   Applied CiA402 Drive Profile (Communication specifications for motion control), it is controlled in the following modes:
      CSP mode (Cyclic Synchronous Position mode)
      PP mode (Profile Position mode)
      HM mode (Homing mode)
      Time Synchronization
      Free run, SM Event, DC SYNC Event (Cycle time 250 us(min.))
・Closed loop control
・High resolution
      Motor size 20: 4000P/R,  Motor size 28:16000P/R
      Motor size  42, 56, 60:10000P/R or 20000P/R
・Speed monitoring (by EtherCAT)
・Optimal current control
・Tuning-less / Hunting-less
・Low positioning response (Hysteresis) under load
・Low vibration
・Smooth rotations with the Vector control/Filtering control
・High-speed positioning in short stroke
・Push operation (Push-stop / Push non-stop:  Origin return by pressing motion is available.)
・Safety function: Torque off
・Motors with brakes and gearheads are available (Optional)

◆ Ordering
Parameters such as motor current are individually set in the driver before shipping, so please order set models.
Rentable Products

Product set models:

(1) Series name PLS2:PULSERVOII
(2) Type EC:EtherCATtype
(3) Motor frame size 20:20 mm square 28:28 mm square 42:42 mm square 56:56 mm square 60:60 mm square
(4) Motor length S:Single M:Middle L:Large XL:Extra large
(5) Encoder resolution F:4000P/R  (Correspond to 20 mm square)
D:16000P/R (Correspond to 28 mm square)
A:10000P/R (Correspond to 42 mm square, 56 mm square, 60 mm square)
B:20000P/R (Correspond to 42 mm square, 56 mm square, 60 mm square)
(6) Option None:Standard, BK:with Brake, PG:with Gearhead
(7) Gear ratio None: Non gearhead
3: 1/3, 5: 1/5, 8: 1/8, 10: 1/10, 15: 1/15, 25: 1/25, 40: 1/40, 50: 1/50
(8) Special specifications None: Standard,  After 01: Undefined


Standard type motor

There are five motor sizes: 20, 28, 42, 56, 60 mm and two to four motor stator lengths for each motor size. So, you can choose from a total of 12 types. Please purchase a motor and driver set.

Motor with brake

Motor sizes 42, 56 and 60 with brakes are available as options. Please purchase a motor and driver set.

Motor with gearhead

Eight types with planetary gearheads suitable for precision positioning (3, 5, 8, 10, 15, 25, 40, 50) are available for motor sizes 42, 56 and 60.

Dedicated driver

EtherCAT type are available.

Optional cable

Cables are available for connecting input and output signals, encoders, motors, power supplies, etc.