Motor with brake, frame size: 60 mm square

Motor frame size 60 mm square
3 stator lengths are available: 47 mm, 56mm, 85 mm

Individual brakes can be attached as an option.
Use the brake to hold the position.

Please purchase a motor and driver set.


Motor model PSM2-60S-△-BK PSM2-60M-△-BK PSM2-60L-△-BK
Electro-magnetic brake specifications Operation method Non excitation operation type
Power (V) DC24V ±10%
Rated current (A) 0.27A ±10%
Power consumption   (W) 6.6
Static-friction torque
Weight(g) 1110 1300 1860
Allowable overhang load (N)
*Distance from tip of motor
3mm 70
8mm 87
13mm 114
18mm 165
Rotor moment of inertia (kg・m²) 265×10-7 515×10-7 715×10-7

△ of motor model indicates the resolution,  A: 10000P/R and B: 20000P/R.

External dimensions


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