Shaft motor: 4-axis multi-drive


Linear shaft motors are linear brushless motors that enable high-speed, high-efficiency, and high-precision positioning controls. In the movie, four forcers on one single shaft are being controlled independently.
Since multiple operations can be performed on the same shaft, the system construction can be realized with space saving and lower cost.

Also, ELMO (Israel) driver is used with EtherCAT. The ELMO driver is ultra-compact, with high performance and has various functions.

Product composition

(1) Shaft motor: S160D-680L-40L2-04 / GHC
(2) Controller IV: Platinum Maestro / ELMO
(3) Driver: G-SOLTW10 / 100EE7 / ELMO
(4) Encoder IV: MC15, MC15MK / RSF

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