Shaft motor: Pneumatic hybrid precision pressurization control


Pressurization from very low pressure to high pressure can be controlled with high precision.
It is a hybrid high-precision pressurization control device with an unprecedented linear shaft motor and pneumatic servo.


  • Precision pressurization control with 1 N (tolerance ± 0.045%) to 200 N (tolerance ± 0.855%) (this demo system)
  • Maximum pressure of 250 N can be controlled by using a linear shaft motor with the rated thrust of 17 N in combination with an air cylinder.
  • Resolution of 0.05 μm in the positioning accuracy
  • Depending on the combination of shaft motor and air cylinder, pressurization in different areas can be controlled.
  • Since the weight of the vertical shaft motor can be canceled, motor can be miniaturized and the coil heat generation can be greatly suppressed.
  • Proposal for integration / unitization

Product composition

Shaft motor: S250SS (Shaft diameter: 25 mm)
Controller : Panasonic MINAS A6L
Encoder : Renishaw Resolute Absolute 0.05 μm / Panasonic serial protocol

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