Shaft motor: high-speed reciprocating motion demo


This is a high-speed reciprocating motion demonstration using a linear shaft motor. The shaft motor is being operated at the frequency that can be driven for each motion stroke.


  • Reciprocating motion at 50 Hz (stroke: 1 mm)
  • Moving shaft without a cable carrier
  • Maintenance free by non-contact structure
  • Support custom-made actuators * Need consultation

Product composition

Shaft Motor : S380QS (Shaft diameter: 38 mm)
Driver : Panasonic MINAS A6L
Encoder : HEIDEN HAIN LIC219P Absolute 0.05 μm
:Panasonic Serial Protocol

Advantages of Shaft Motors

  • High speed drive (tact-up)
  • Positioning operation with high precision (Full-closed control)
  • Overwhelming speed stability
  • Quick settling (high response)
  • Easy replacement of ball-screw mechanism due to the similarity in shape
  • Multiple forcers can be driven on a single shaft
  • Synchronous parallel drives with a single driver
  • Excellent durability due to the non-contact structure (reduction of maintenance cost)
  • Low dust generation
  • Useable in adverse environments such as water, oil, contamination and dust

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