Alignment stage / UVW stage


High precision control alignment stage using four shaft motors. X and Y-axis linear motions and θ motions are available.
It consists of shaft motors with a diameter of 25 mm (S250DS model). By using a high-resolution linear scale of 0.001μm (1nm) for each axis, a repeatability of 0.1um or less is achieved. (X-axis: ± 0.078 μm, Y-axis: ± 0.049 μm)

It is controlled by combining a standalone control board using NPM's PCL6045BL (LSI) and a Panasonic driver.


  • High speed drive (tact-up)
  • Positioning operation with high precision (Full-closed control)
  • Overwhelming speed stability
  • Quick settling (High response)
  • Easy replacement of ball-screw mechanism due to the similarity in shape
  • Multiple forcers can be driven on a single shaft
  • Synchronous parallel drives with a single driver
  • Excellent durability due to the non-contact structure (reduction of maintenance cost)
  • Low dust generation
  • Useable in adverse environments such as water, oil, contamination and dust
  • Quiet

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