Shaft motor: pressure control unit


High precision pressure control is available from very low pressure. The mechanism at the lower stage is being aligned in high resolution using a small DD motor.


  • Precise pressurization control with an tolerance of 0.05 N (5 g) (This demo unit)
  • Change in pressurization by current is in a linear manner
  • High positioning accuracy with the resolution of 0.001 to 0.05 μm
  • The pressure can be changed depending on the model of shaft motor.
  • High-precision rotation control of the mechanism at the lower stage using DD motor (108,000 CPR)

Product composition

Shaft Motor : S3250SS (Shaft diameter: 25mm)
Driver : Panasonic MINAS A6L
Encoder : Renishaw Resolute Absolute 0.05 μm
        :Panasonic Serial Protocol
DD motor   :MDS/MDH-3018-108KE

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