Motion Control WEB Exhibition


Shaft Motor

Thin microscope XY stage
Ultra-thin (30mm) XY stage with high accuracy and ultra-low vibration is realized by adopting Linear Shaft Motor.

CHIDORI 8 pipette dispensing unit
A compact and space-saving design is achieved by placing the Shaft Motor in staggered position. Supports 96-well microplates (9mm pitch).

High-speed precision stage
Shaft motor (S160D) parallel synchronous drive realizes stable straight driving.

XY/pan-tilt high-speed precision stage
Both the XY axis and pan & tilt four axes use direct-drive Linear Shaft Motors and μDD motors to achieve high speed, precision positioning and no backlash.

Pneumatic Hybrid Precision Pressure Control
Pressure control from ultra-low pressure to high pressure is possible with high accuracy. This is an unprecedented hybrid high-precision pressurization controller with Linear Shaft Motors and pneumatic servos.

High-speed 50Hz reciprocating operation demonstration
This is a high-speed reciprocating motion demonstration using Linear Shaft Motors. The actuator is operated at a frequency that can be operated according to the operation stroke.


PFL20 dispensing demonstration
Using φ20 type smallest Linearstep. The Linearstep is a motor based on stepping motor and capable of converting rotational motion into linear motion by means of rotor (female thread) and shaft (male thread)

CHIDORI HB linear 8 pipette dispensing unit
A 20 mm square linear motion stepping motor is arranged in two stages at the top and bottom to reduce the number of parts and to make it more compact. Supports 96-well microplates (9mm pitch).

Comparative example of parts reduction using Linearstep
By changing the rotary motor to Linearstep, the number of components such as bearings and couplings can be reduced, and the cost can be reduced by reducing the design and installation man-hours.

Motor Motionnet Controller Driver

PM-type stepping motor with built-in encoder
The PM type stepping motor incorporates an encoder to monitor step-out detection and position shift, making it compact.

Closed loop stepping motor PULSERVO
PULSERVO is a stepping motor system that eliminates "step-out," a weak point of open-loop control, by taking advantage of the features of stepping motors.

High-Speed Serial Communication System Motionnet 64 Axis Control
Motionnet broadcast communication function allows 64-axis linear motion motors to be controlled. Smooth operation is possible with linear and circular interpolation.

Controller FMCC32 with Built-in Driver
FMCC32 is a 1-axis controller with a built-in driver. Torque up function to increase torque when motor starts is available.

EtherCAT Driver EC-AD Series
Driver compatible with EtherCAT, CiA402 drive profile and PP mode. Lineup of 1-axis and 4-axis